Rethymno Eats

We were only in Rethymno for two days, but we found the city to have some of the best food of our trip. Cretans are very proud of their local meat and produce, and of their self-sufficiency in hard times, and this is reflected in the restaurant menus.

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Chania Eats

The food we came across in Chania was a bit more varied than the tavernas we found elsewhere, such as Athens and Rethymno and Heraklion. The food was universally excellent, and the variety was a nice change of pace around the midway point of our trip.

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Depending on who you listen to Exarchia is either Athen’s cool counterculture student neighbourhood ⁠— or a dangerous hotbed of anarchists and illegal squats. When we visited on a weekday morning we found quiet streets filled with cafes, interesting shops, and just a bit more graffiti than other parts of the city (which to be honest is a lot of graffiti by normal standards).

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Brettos Bar

Brettos bottle wall

After spending most of Saturday exploring ancient Athenian history we made our way to Brettos bar and distillery in the central Athens neighbourhood of Plaka. Brettos (pronounced “Vrettos” in Greek) is something of an institution, having been open since 1909.

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We’ve explored the Jordaan neighbourhood of Amsterdam on a few different occasions. There we’ve found classic canal views, small crooked buildings, and cozy restaurants and shops.

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Lunch in Overhoeks

Ferry to Buiksloterweg

We took a free ferry from Amsterdam Centraal to the new Overhoeks district on the Noord side. With multiple ferries in constant motion, we didn’t have wait more than 5 minutes to travel in each direction.

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Around Valletta

Valletta from the Sliema ferry

We’re staying in the heart of Valletta and it’s easy to walk to any point in the old city without too much exertion. Valletta holds the distinction of being both the smallest European capital (at 0.8 km2) and the southernmost European capital. The entire city has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1980 and historic treasures are crammed together more densely than anywhere we’ve visited.

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Russafa Eats

When we decided to stay in the Russafa neighbourhood of Valencia, we knew that it was home to many restaurants, cafes, and bars. But we didn’t realize the extent of the choices until we were there. During our three week visit we ate most of our meals in this compact area within walking distance of our apartment, yet we barely scratched the surface of potential places to eat.

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